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The Program: The S.E.L.F Enrichment and Enhancement Career Prep Program is designed for youth eleven (11) through eighteen (18) years of age.

The Mission: Success — build Self-Enrichment, Self-Enhancement, Self-Worth and Self-Confidence. Etiquette – build character and respect for self and appreciation for others. Leadership – drive, determination and tenacity to do your best. Facilitation – learning achieved through repetitive stimulation.

The Goal: To provide a non-threatening learning environment where participants will achieve their personal best. Skills will be provided to equip each participant with the tools to navigate the challenges of life, higher education and career with confidence.

The Method: Role plays, teach back and team building will be utilized for retention, execution and understanding the importance of amicably interacting with each other. Participants will experience the impact (positive and negative) of their choices to prepare for life, higher education and career.

The Objectives: Attain success through Self-Esteem; confidence through Self- Introductions; Self-Worth though handling rejection and negative dialogue; develop a plan for Success by working through perceived barriers, creating a pathway to achievement; Etiquette set of rules by which society lives; Manners the way in which the rules are carried out; Leadership excellence utilizing the formula:

Knowledge + Attitude = Skill

Facilitation provides the stimulus to foster retention and execution, thereby providing a pathway to achievement.

Elma Hairston, S.E.L.F. Enrichment and Enhancement Career Prep Program. All rights reserved. Published in the U.S.A. April 15, 2016

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