Customer Service

The Brand Differentiator™

“Customer Service Reflected From The Inside Out”

Industry Driven Customer Service

  • Project Driven Customer Service
  • Call Center Customer Service
  • Internal/External Customer Service
  • Person to Person Customer Service

Customer Service Curriculum:

Dynamic Images International LLC is a world class innovator in the customer service space whose training is industry driven and customer centric, creating memorable moments for your customer. Customer Service techniques are strategically planned and deliberately executed to strengthen your company brand.

How to make everyday “a great day.”

Becoming a change agent.

The role of fear.

Empower the customer and create memorable moments.

Telephone Etiquette for Customer Service.

The power of your voice.

Greetings and closes that get results.

De-escalation Techniques.

Creating a voice that smiles.

Active Listening.

The role of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Dress for your industry.

Business Relationships “the heartbeat of customer service.”

Learning is achieved through role play scenarios, teach back techniques and motivational stimulation.

If  it is your desire to have your  company be a  formidable player in your respective industry, then fine tune  your customer service and  create  a world-class customer service team  that executes with confidence and understands their role in differentiating your organization’s brand.

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