The Ultimate Entrepreneur Unapologetic, Unintimidated, Intentional in 2022

Ultimate signifies the best achievable; best imaginable. There are seven keys to define the best achievable and best imaginable entrepreneur, which not only will facilitate your entrepreneurial journey, but your life’s journey: (1) change your reality (2) expand your comfort zone, overcoming fear of the journey ahead (3) eliminate self-abandonment (4) sharpen your skill (5) study success (6) the confidence factor (7) you and your brand.

My story begins when a colleague called a few of her friends together to allow me to use this venue as a springboard for my professional image consulting business (about twenty women to be exact). Upon completion, I received accolades and so many great comments “great presentation” Women said, “I gained so many nuggets to facilitate my career”. Wouldn’t you know it, in the distance, I overheard a “naysayer” ” Who does she think she is?” How is she qualified to tell me what to do?” As you can imagine, the person who needed my message most was the most unreceptive. Out of 99% of women who garnered benefit, I allowed the voice of one (1) to define my destiny and blunt the pursuit of my career.

How many times have you allowed people to use words to stop you from pursing your dreams?

Many times, what we perceive as a setback is a set up for success. A piece of advice I share with you to take along in your life’s journey: “understand when there is greatness in the room. Listen with passion. Remove envy and jealousy from your heart. Creat your own legacy — write a book, which I did – “Becoming Dynamic 7 Compelling Strategies for Success.” We fail to see the greatness in others because we are busy comparing ourselves and focusing on our own shortcomings. Your biggest and best competition is you.

These seven keys will catapult you to the top of your game and facilitate you moving beyond the broken pieces of disappointment and shattered expectations.

(1) Change your reality: Stop reliving the same hurts, disappointments, and unattained expectations over and over. It is like a computer program playing in the background. You say you are going to think positive; but you look around in a week, month, day, year and no change. Why? Because it is hard to let go.

Starting this moment, make a list of the following affirmations to faciitate deprograming your thoughts about those hurts, disappointments and unattained expectations. Use these affirmations to bring to life, your hopes, desires, and dreams. Go to that quite place, physically and emotionally and repeat “I can, I will, I must succeed at all I endeavor”. “I am wonderfully made in the eyes of my Creator”. “I will allow no one to stand in the way of my dreams”. “I am more than a conqueror”. “I will not allow negative opinions enter my space”. “Never let them see me sweat.”

Developing and articulating a value proposition is one of the first coaching goals for my clients. Your value proposition allows you to communicate your value in every stuation. It is most important to educate your publics on who you are, then in what you do. In my book, I call the defining words “power words” used to bring to life your persona. You are far too great a person to allow others to define you. Control the narrative and define who you are for your publics. For example, “I am the principled and highly driven owner of . . . . . .” My name is Emma, and I have the drive, determination, and tenacity to be successful at all I endeavor. It is your responsibility to educate people as to who you are.

(2) Expand your comfort zone, overcoming fear: Before you reach the ultimate, address what’s holding you back. Marianne Williamson in her expose’ “Our Deepest Fear” – “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Expand your comfort zone. Step out on faith. Believing you are heir to greatness. There is greatness inside of you that has been suppressed by how others define you. Marianne Williamson also states “You’re playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.” Step out and let your light shine so that your greatness is revealed, unapologetically.

Your external presentation is the reflection of your inner being. It is your time. Step up. Step out. Seize the moment.

(3) Eliminate self-abandonment: How many times do you second-guess your decisions? How many times do you entertain negative talk about yourself; to yourself? How many times to you want to say “no” to a request and you say “yes?”

You are enough! No more “imposter syndrome”. Today, marks a paradigm shift in your thinking. Your confidence was probably attacked in the past. Now we step into confirmations that facilitate you controlling your narrative. You do not have to go where you do not want to go. So, stop allowing others to take you there. If you encounter someone who speaks in condescending terms, you have the power to respond – “I no longer reside in that place of negativity”. “I am moving in a new direction”. “Your references do not define that direction”. “I am at a place in my life where I am surrounding my space with people who speak life to me”. “I have finally come into my own. I am focused and assured of moving to a great place in my life and career.”

(4) Sharpen your skill: Become an expert in your field. Acquire the education, certificates, life experience, and business acumen that supports this fact. When my expertise was questioned in that very first presentation, I allowed that temporary setback to be a set up for my life’s work and success. I acquired the credentials of unquestioned expertise. Each move was strategically engineered and deliberately executed. A plan of action will ensure success. Seek out mentors and sponsors to facilitate your journey.

(5) Study Success: Learn lessons from those who have garnered success along their entrepreneurial journey. I studied people like Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart. To achieve success, I uncovered and followed my passion. My passion is that which I would do without getting paid. Follow your passion; the money will follow. Keep a positive attitude, even on those days that may seem impossible. Step into each day with anticipation; understanding that positive outcomes await. It is up to you to seize the moment. Push through barriers and setbacks. Eliminate negative people from your circle of influence. Remain committed to your goals. Review and modify your path as needed.

(6) The Confidence Factor: We are socialized to believe that confidence and humility cannot exist in the same space. When we understand where confidence comes from, we can then step into the new reality I speak of. Confidence comes from our Creator. Our Creator gave it to us. It is the confidence in our Creator that gives us permission to share our confidence with others. The accolades we receive from all we do (driven by confidence) brings about the humble and humility of spirit that we share with others. Some may agree and some may not, but this is the gospel according to my worldview.

Be reminded that as you acquire this confidence and expertise, there will be those who still say “she’s full of herself”. As Oprah would reply “yes, I am so full, I have much to share with you and the world.” (paraphrased). No matter where you are in your journey, you will encounter “naysayers”, the objective is to understand how to respond in a way that is diplomatic and professional, but very matter of fact, unapologetically and intentional.

(7) Your Brand: Each person reading this article is a brand. We deserve to control the narrative in how we want people to perceive us. In the eyes of the world, you may not be famous, but in your own right your greatness will emerge when you educate people as to how to think, say, and feel about the value you possess. Now go forth. Show the world who you are by controlling your narrative. Stop apologizing about who you are. You deserve all the accolades you get. If you don’t get them, look into the mirror and give them to yourself. Speak life to yourself by using the affirmations and confirmations shared in this article.

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