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Elma Hairston ProfileThe focus of Professional Development is to develop talent, optimize potential, build human capital, increase employability and  enhance the quality of life, which  contributes to the dreams and aspirations of each client.

Coaching for executives creates a refined, poised executive, who is confident, well-dressed and positioned to take your business to the next level. Embellishing  the nuances of the conduct of business is key to becoming dynamic. Accomplished, dynamic people on your team makes good business sense.

Business executives, managers and other highly skilled professionals are expected to conduct business in a manner that effectively represents the company’s full potential.  The benefits of our motivational services make the difference.

Personnel training and development of staff provide visible evidence of an organization’s commitment to ongoing success. The results will show greater shareholder value, increased levels of customer retention and satisfaction, increased productivity and a much more pleasant work environment.

“Professional image is more than mere external appearance. It transcends verbal and non-verbal communication,” says Elma Hairston,  a national presented known for her thought provoking and highly interactive sessions and is currently  the President of Dynamic Images by the Hairston Group, a non-profit focused on career development for young people.   In addition to leading the growth of her non-profit, she is Founder and Managing Director of Dynamic Images International LLC. connects both entities.

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    As a skilled Leadership Dynamics Coach, Elma Hairston is known for substantial change in the lives of young people, up and coming professionals and future executives.  As a powerful motivational speaker she  develops winning attitudes, manners, business etiquette, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

    Professionals from across the business spectrum can benefit tremendously from receiving valuable feedback and life skills that can be used in all areas of their lives. Building a dynamic self-image and higher level of confidence creates greater levels of accomplishment.

    You are currently accomplished in many aspects of your life. The skills you acquire from Elma’s methods of coaching are to refine your person. Elma’s approach provides a springboard to greater personal and business success.  Elma’s mantra, knowledge + attitude = skill, leads to stronger and more effective personal and business relationships.  The ultimate goal of Elma’s sessions is to advance your career to reach the pinnacle of your success.

    Professional Development

    This series of coaching for executives is essential for becoming dynamic. It  can redirect your focus in reaching the  pinnacle of your success. (Learn More)

    S.E.L.F. Career Prep

    The S.E.L.F Enrichment and Enhancement Career Prep Program is designed for youth eleven (11) through eighteen (18) years of age.  (Learn More)

    Leadership Dynamics

    Focus on leading with substance, savvy and style, but motivate others to follow. Learn how the “Power of Influence” can advance your career.  (Learn More)

    Business Etiquette

    Discover the technique of power introductions, strong business relationships and your wardrobe as a business asset.  (Learn More)

    Etiquette And Manners

    Etiquette transcends the correct eating utensils. Etiquette is based on respect and genuine kindness for people, as well. There are many instances where selfish inappropriate behavior dictate – – failure to acknowledge a kind gesture, open conversations on the cell phone in public, disrespectful language, poor conduct on airplanes and dressing in a way that leaves much to be desired. We are all leaders and the goal of this section is to build an understanding of appropriate actions and conduct in business and in society.

    (Learn More)

    Effective Communication

    Discover the principles of verbal and non-verbal communication that define your “sense of purpose,” which adds meaning to your goals and define your passion.

    (Learn More)

    Career Advancement

    Uncover the secrets of the “psychology of color” and how fabric, color, and garment selection can enhance your professional presentation and build confidence and self-esteem.

    (Learn More)

    Poise And Pageant

    Pageant competition can play a major role in building confidence, as well as garnering scholarship funds for continuing education. The poise, grace and elegance obtained from participating creates a memorable experience that lasts for a lifetime. A winning attitude is key to successful competition. The goal is to develop an understanding of skillful execution.

    (Learn More)