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Dynamic Images International LLC is a world-class innovator in Professional Development, Customer Service, Leadership Development and Career Advancement. Our customer service training   is industry driven and customer centric, creating memorable moments for your customer. Your customer service team will execute with confidence and understand their role in differentiating your organization’s brand.  Our leadership development training connects loyalty, duty, and commitment to proven values and guiding principles that create a company culture of engagement, excellence and productivity. Your team will experience the persona, power and impact for effective leadership. Career Advancement training develops talent, optimize potential, increase employability and enhance quality of life. Our overarching goal is to create dynamic leaders equipped with the tools to compete in the changing business environment. “Why Settle for Good, When You Can Be Dynamic!”

Corporate etiquette consultant and motivational speaker, Elma Hairston delivers highly educational and encouraging industry driven customer service training, leadership dynamics and career advancement workshops like no other. Her etiquette classes for youth, up-and-coming future executives are transforming lives, as well. Experience your authenticity to greatness, Book Your Workshop Today.“

Professional image is strategically planned and deliberately executed and can enhance success and effectiveness in our relationships. Consistency in professional presentation leads to trust. Trust builds relationships. Relationships position us for more successful business endeavors, which propels us to higher levels of success.

Learn how to leverage passion, preparation, practice, performance and polish to become the dynamic individual you are meant to be.

BBB High Point COC
  • Compelling enthusiasm
  • Gives meaning or shape your goals
  • Driving force that keeps you focused
  • Catalyst for excellence in performance
  • One step ahead
  • Authenticity to greatness emerge
  • Best becomes Better
  • Time invested in becoming dynamic
  • Incorporating habits that drive success
  • Where information and comprehension intersect
  • Flawless execution
  • The legacy you leave
  • The refined, dynamic individual
  • Etiquette (business and social)
  • Brand defined by substance savvy and style™

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“Don’t stand in your own way. Experience Professional Style At Its Finest.”  Dynamic Images is a leader in the development of personal and business etiquette. Our professional branding consultations and customer service training makes the difference….

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