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Why Settle For Good, When You Can Become Dynamic!

“Becoming Dynamic: 7 Compelling Strategies for Success”

By Elma Hairston

“In coining the phrase ‘becoming dynamic,’ Elma has not only made success and leadership sound provocative, she has effectively created principles that all leaders, especially emerging ones, should follow.”

– Dr. Ryan E. Ross, President and CEO,
Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado

Why Settle For Good, When You Can Become Dynamic!

Becoming Dynamic is for individuals ready to activate their potential and embrace the success that has always been there for the taking. The focus is on the ultimate, not the mundane – excellence without excuses, responsibility without compromise. These powerful proven strategies will empower you to become the dynamic individual you were meant to be:

  • Defining Your Brand – Your Impact is Presence in Motion
  • Embodying Excellence – Remaining True to Your Dynamic Standard
  • Leading with Substance, Savvy and Style™ – Dynamic Dressing Inspires Success
  • Building Strategic Relationships – Consistency Drives the Dynamics of Confidence
  • Finessing Your Success – Leverage Your Dynamic Strengths for Growth
  • Career Advancement – Preparation Creates Dynamic Opportunities
  • Community Service – Becoming Dynamic by Giving Back

Elma HairstonElma Hairston is a national speaker known for her thought-provoking and highly interactive sessions, which have led to substaintial change in the lives of youth, up-and-coming professionals and future executives. Her persona is fully chronicled in the About the Author section of the book.

Becoming Dynamic
ISBN: 978-0-9972810-1-9
Softcover, 6″x9″,138 pages
Published by DII Press

“Change Your Perception ~ Change Your Life”

“Becoming Dynamic: 7 Compelling Strategies For Success”

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